Time and Attendance

  • Large Software Producer

  • This client had a special reporting need to replace a current Time and Attendance system for its 2,000 employees. Calculations included a summary of average working hours for employees on a weekly basis; Employees were highlighted when they worked greater than 48 hours in a single week over a 4 month reporting period. Employee schedules include 3 shifts and 4 work patterns. Eight different clocking scenarios are defined where logic was specifically applied to create missing punches. System has been in use since January 2005 and uses Lenel access control for the source of time punches. 

  • Sinclair Oil

  • Sinclair uses a Lenel access control to capture time punches imported into a customized time system geared toward the determination of time on site for various contractors. Contractor billable hours, provided by each contractor, are imported into the system and variances are calculated between time recorded and time submitted. Variances can be searched by contractor, date ranges and skill sets. Implemented 2007 

  • Broken Arrow School District

  • Time cards are automatically imported from a DSX access control system installed at various school locations. A staff of 40 supervisors log onto the system to edit and approve time cards. System applies numerous workrules for rounding, lunch deductions and holiday pay.  Systems has been in use since April 2003 

  • Fredrics Institute

  • The cosmetology school utilizes the system to meet state reporting requirements for student time recorded in Clinic and Non Clinic hours. Special monthly reports were created to meet state mandate. Installed August 2007 

  • Local Bank

  • The Compass access control system is periodically polled for employee time cards for several branch locations. A special algorithm is applied against time punches to determine which punches are breaks, for lunch, arrivals and departures. 

  • Sanofi –Synthelabo, Inc

  • After using the system for over 4 years, the company opted to make customization to handle special pay rules for non paid hours and submit the information to the company payroll system. These changes included determining when an employee works below a certain weekly limit and to create a special time card for the difference. 

  • Wellman of Mississippi

  • Wellman is a large manufacturing plant that utilizes 4 different shifts that rotate on a special calendar, such as 4 days on/4 days off. They utilize shift differentials and daily and weekly overtime. System utilizes Sielox access control and has been in use since August 1999.

Visitor Management

  • Bayou Bends Condominiums

  • Residents use DSX access control to enter and exit the buildings. These records are pulled into the QUE system where they are used in the verification of visitor arrivals. Visitors submit their driver license for scanning and are issued a badge with the person’ picture printed bar code. A schedule is interrogated to see if reoccurring visitors such as cleaning people are allowed entry. The bar code is used against independent bar code readers to record arrival and departures.  

  • Goodyear

  • Use a customized system that determines the location of readers to determine whether it is an employee check- in at a turnstile or a delivery truck at loading docks.  Drop down selection boxes are populated accordingly. If a ‘turn stile’ a list of employees is provided for selection for whom the visitor is visiting. If a loading duck then a list of docks is presented.

Parking Garage Monitor

  • Nyala Farms

  • An on-going count is compared to a tenant threshold for employee and visitor parking spots. As the threshold is met, all other cardholders for that tenant not in the garage are made in-active. The active count and status of cardholders is continually checked so that in-active cardholders are made active when the active count is reduced below the threshold on garage exits. The program has been modified to handle visitor and employee counts by several parking lot locations

Gated Community Visitor Management

  • Harbor Ridge Gated Community

  • The Gatehouse management system uses one simple guard house screen that has two camera interfaces, one for the individual and one for the license plate. Residents may use the telephone to leave special messages which are played when the resident is selected by the guard.  A separate program is used to administer the program, print reports and to interface with the DSX access control so that new residents added to QUE are automatically added to DSX. 

  • Ironwood Country Club

  • System has been modified to meet dealer’s special requirements for function key access, customizable color schemes and search features. It has been in use since 2003

  •  Martin Downs

  •  System is based on a collection of five different residential communities. Each with its onw database. to store information. In use since 2015 

System Integration Services

  • Newfield Exploration

  • The system is a GUI and command line (scheduled task) interface between Microsoft Active Directory and Sielox Access Control database where new cardholders are added to the access control system using default access levels and expiration date as determined by the client. Names changes are detected and made. Deleted cards are deactivated.  

  • Texas Wesleyn University

  • The EPI Human Resource system is used to create cardholders in Sielox access control. A complete Audit trail records activity including errant data rejected, such as, invalid card lengths.

  • Tempe, AZ

  • An interface between Peoplesoft Human Resource system and DSX Access Control where actions include adding, terminating and modifying cardholder data in the DSX system based on data read from the Peoplesoft extract files. 

  • Yale New Haven Hospital

  • The DSX access control system is periodically checked for new cardholder information and extracted to a file that is imported into the Kronos Time and Attendance system.



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